The Chamber




The Light Chamber with its unique Egyptian Décor is a four foot by four foot by eight foot tall ventilated chamber with a floor that is mounted on rubber towers so that it can vibrate in resonance with the sound frequency being used. The client sits in a comfortable form fitting chair, with an elevated foot rest, that also reclines slightly if desired. Small down pillows are available to increase comfort. The chair is fitted with a Dynamic Transducer which transmits the sound vibrations from the music to the chair.

A subwoofer is mounted below and behind the chair. Two midrange speakers are mounted above and behind the chair, completing the “surround sound” effect.

The chamber door has a 40" circle cut out at eye level. A rear projection screen is then placed in front of the chamber door and is illuminated via a High End Systems Color-Pro HX Theater Projector Light.

Chamber & Projector

The Color-Pro Projector has three Di-Chroic color wheels and is remotely controlled via a DMX-512 Lighting Controller. The controller has presets, fade and blackout controls, so that a range of colors can be stored until called for.

Di-Chroic filters are coated with two metal oxide coatings and when turned slightly in the light beam, interact to form a third effect, pure self-radiant luminous colors. These colors have self-evident luminosity and are used in a color spectrum sequence for body/mind attunement and healing.

Two other unique devices are used in the Chamber. One is an Optical Bench with a Di-Chroic filter supplying a fiber optic cable with pure colored light to be used in activating certain centers in the body. The other is a small four inch dynamic transducer which is used to bring conscious music driven vibrational energy to areas to be healed.

The Eye Of Horus, a luminous three dimensional mandala is available to stabilize the sense door of Vision, thereby stabilizing the mind, which can result in a profound sense of Clarity.