The Experience



Sessions begin with the breath activation of the Ida, Pingala and Shushumna energy channels, followed by a guided meditation utilizing the sensation of the breath. Utilizing a color reference supplied by a fiber optic cable, one adds color to the breath meditation, awakening heart awareness. Continuing the meditation, the heart is consciously united with the mind through the Crown Chakra.

Utilizing specific acupressure points, the participant creates the Light Crystal of the mind and stabilizes in the Globality of that.

Music with a specific vibratory frequency of 528 Hz along with binaural musical notes that attune the brain to a meditative state (Theta), is used with earphones. The 528 Hz frequency corresponds to the ancient Solfeggio note MI. The letters derive from the Latin word Miragestorum, or “miracle”. This is the specific frequency at which DNA begins to repair itself, and was known by the ancient Egyptians. The 6 note Solfeggio musical scale was originally used in the ancient Gregorian chants and the early Catholic Masses. Like Sanskrit, it has the original power of those notes. When used with earphones, binural tones within the music entrain the mind to the Theta brainwave state, helping to establish a receptive, deep meditative state.

A corresponding octave color, yellow-gold is transmitted via a rear projection screen placed in front of the chamber.

Areas to be healed are sensitized with a small dynamic transducer which the music vibrates. Utilizing the breath, color is breathed into areas to be healed.


The Light chamber is a body/mind alignment experience. It utilizes your own breath, Sacred Sound, its resultant vibration in the body, and unique luminous colors. Presented as a “perfected pattern“, one has the opportunity to observe, heal and release discordant patterns as they come up.

Starting with a specific breath meditation, the participant aligns the three energy channels along the spine, and then “stitches together” the heart and mind with breath, color and sensation.

Nate at controls

Using powerful acupressure points, the participant consciously creates the “Light Crystal“ of the mind and stabilizes in the “Globality“ of that.

Sound created by 12 voices and an underlying sitar presents a stabilizing effect which is transmitted vibrationally to the chair. Other Sacred Music is available. Gradually color is projected onto the screen. Going up the frequency scale, other colors are presented.

A hand held dynamic transducer is available to sensitize areas to be healed. The Eye of Horus, a three dimensional luminous mandala, helps stabilize the mind and the sense door of Vision.

Time in the Chamber averages approximately an hour and fifteen minutes, and breath practices and session feedback add about thirty minutes, so allow a full two hours.


When I sat in Nate’s Chamber, and one by one the colors came through to me, each color felt like a living presence, each one making a powerful and distinct impression on me from the deep fuchsia of the holy living mother’ to the unfathomable indigo blue, when I felt I was in the presence of the ineffable. The sounds were soothing and seemed to expand my mind. Over all, I would say I experienced a touch of the force that moves through everything, and it almost feels as though I sense it with me even now.



HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY!!! May I express my extreme gratitude for Nate Scarritt and his wonderful Light and Sound Chamber in my personal Renewal:

A chilly blustery day in early spring, entering the sanctuary building, as the door closed, there was an immediate relinquishment of all that was outside that space. I was blessed with an opportunity to take a two hour vacation from my life. As I was welcomed into the sacred space, Nate covered me in a warm soft fuzzy robe, honoring me into the divine presence of being. Escorting me into the chamber and seated in the most accommodating and comfortable way, I landed into a profound deep space of calm. The simplicity and depth of sound spontaneously engaged prayer of gratitude in song. A special anointing with precious oils, blessing this physical form, exalting me to another level of a unified field. Nate's gentle and confident nature initiated a space of safety and further alleviation of trauma, dissipating into harmonious serenity. Despite my unreasonable claustrophobic tendencies, Nate's non-invasive invitation to continue the deepening of the process into the light facilitated a profound sense of tranquility. The variety of color and light seems to have shifted deterioration of my eyes and activated healing of my vision. The combination of the sound and light experience was absolutely rejuvenating and delightful. I am thankful for Nate's impeccable spirit and creative endeavor. I highly recommend this amazing opportunity in Crestone. Gift yourself, your family, your friends with this unique experience. My sincere gratitude.

Elianna Krakauer


More than two weeks out from my first experience in The Matrix Light Chamber, I continue to be amazed. When I stepped into the chamber, I expected to have an expansive, meditative experience that would remind me of my own wholeness. In this, I was not disappointed. I was able to move into a very deep and profound state of awareness that still enfolds me. But my experience was so much greater than my expectations. Over two months before I experienced the Matrix Light Chamber, I had suffered a traumatic fall and injury. I relied heavily on the use of a cane, and had resigned myself to the fact that I might never walk normally or without pain again. When my session was over and I began to move around, I realized that the pain was not there, and that I was moving with ease. Within a few hours, I was not using my cane, and the twisted and shortened leg I had been hobbling around on was back to normal. Within a few days, I realized that I was walking not only as I had before the injury had taken place, but as I had as a younger person. I continue to play the CD and feel the body remembering the perfected pattern as the vibration of OM surrounds and infuses me. I am so grateful to Nate for his years of dedication to this work. The healing power that he has channeled and made available through this instrument is phenomenal. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who is in need of healing.

Marty Stemmerman, Lawrence, Kansas


Dear Nate, Thank you for the healing session you gave me in the Light Chamber. I felt I entered into a visionary and Sacred Space, with each sense door honored so tenderly, invited to awaken and illuminate.. I felt a reintegration of primordial frequency and life-force into the disconnected patterns in my field. I especially appreciate your presence as healer and guide; your care, attention, and kindness are magnificent.

With Respect and Gratitude, Sara Carson


My 3rd experience in the Light Chamber and so far the most powerful. Nate! You really have something here! The combo of relaxation of the mind, being in open space and then being brought fully into my senses with sound, vibration and light 'forced' me into surrender. All your pointers were also very helpful. You are clear and concise - no unnecessary extras! Today, the morning after, I am still experiencing the vastness of space. I feel open, joyful and grateful. You are the best hidden secret in Crestone. May the secret be known. THANK YOU

Anna Louise, April 10th, 2016