My Story

Exploring Light and Sound


In the mid 1980’s I became interested in Nada Brahma, or the origin of sound. Through exploring ancient East Indian sacred texts, like the Upanishads, the Vedas and Patanjali’s yogic aphorisms, I delved into what had been written on Sacred Sound. I decided to explore the origin of sound as described by the texts that I had studied. I selected the exact times of the eqinoxes, solstices and full moons as the timing and energy setting for my explorations.

Using earphones, selected music and a meditative atmosphere, I would start an hour before the exact time, and begin my meditation with sound. Realizing that sound originates from silence, I would focus all of my awareness on the sound of the music being heard, and begin to shift my awareness back toward the exact point at which the very first sounds were emerging from the silence, until I was no longer following the sound, but was remaining at its point of origin by letting go of the arising sound at the same rate at which it was arising. This resulted in an exquisite listening at the point of origin of sound. Holding this listening without wavering, resulted in a state of profound cellular ecstasy in which my whole body became music. Each cell became music and was played by the music. This state of ecstasy lasted 3 to 4 hours and was repeatable.

I wondered if each of the other sense doors could also be used to know oneself at their points of origin. I decided to try the door of vision, the perception of light. Realizing that light arises from darkness, I began to explore the perception of light available and visible within the eye itself. I noticed that within the light perceived by my eye, with eyelids closed, there were darker areas contrasted with lighter areas, similar to looking at a newsprint picture utilizing a magnifying glass. Dark pixels vs. light pixels. I concentrated all of my awareness on the darkest areas within the light field of vision. Again, I reached stabilization where I was letting go of the perception of light at the same rate at which it was arising while resting profoundly in the darkness from which the light was emerging. Maintaining this precise point of perception without wavering, resulted once again in a profound state of cellular ecstasy in which each cell became music itself! This was also repeatable.

I was greatly aided by the timing of these journeys as it became evident to me that at a selected astrological event, a period of natural stillness was available in which one could see deeply into ones own nature.

The Light Chamber is a direct result of these explorations in the hope that it might be of benefit to others, and that cellular healing can be brought about directly by the use of specific sound frequencies and by profoundly luminous pure colors.

Nate Scarritt


“The point at which everything arises is the very same point at which everything sets. The source and the end are the same point. Once you understand this, you are released from that point.”

—Nisargadatta Maharaj